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Tao (道 literally or Via trail; pinyin: dào-transliteration in Japanese: dō), often translated as the principle, is one of the main concepts of Chinese philosophy. Is the eternal, essential and fundamental force that flows through the whole matter in the universe, living or not. It is usually associated with Taoism, Confucianism, but also refers to it. To put it in a Word, the Tao “is”. In traditional Chinese Taoist philosophy, the Tao has as basic function to represent the universe. The latter at the beginning of time was in a State called Wu Chi (= no diffs/absence of polarity). At one point formed two different sign polarities that represent the fundamental principles of the universe: Yang the positive principle, represented in white. Yin the negative principle, represented in black. The two princes began to interact, giving rise to Supreme polarity or T’ai Chi. The symbol of all known as Tao is the most famous of many symbols that represent this Supreme polarity and which are called T’ai Chi T ‘ u. It is important to highlight that in the Taoist Yin and Yang philosophy have no moral significance, as good or bad, and are considered complementary differentiator. To describe the Tao, you can use the following analogy: imagine a person walking on a street, carrying on their shoulders a stalk of bamboo. At either end of the bamboo, are hung two buckets. The two buckets represent the yin and the yang. Bamboo represents the Tai Chi, the entity that separates the yin from yang. The road is the Tao. Order of writing The Tao can be interpreted as a “resonance” which resides in the empty space left by solid objects. At the same time, it flows through objects giving them the features. In the Tao Te Ching, the Tao nourishes all things, which creates a plot into chaos. The characteristic of this plot is a condition of unquenchable, Taoist philosophers associated with the Tao to change; artistic performances that try to represent the Tao are characterized by streams. Source: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tao

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