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IL CROGIUOLO® sas of Diana Grassadonia

Il Crogiuolo® was born in 1990 from an idea of ​​Ombretta Boselli, writer and scholar of religions, to bring and spread in Italy the Afro-Brazilian traditions.

Since then Il Crogiuolo® brings into your home the magic and mystery of distant lands and the charm of ancient traditions lost in the mists of time. In all these years, we have kept the same spirit of research, the desire to grow, to improve ourselves in a perspective which transcends the simple commercial speech.

Our online catalogue is updated every week with new items to accommodate the last trends and to offer our customers a wider choice, making it a point of reference for lovers of esotericism, mystery and magic.

Your trust over the years has allowed us to expand our market, offering you even more affordable prices and a range of original and unique products embracing the herbal magic, the aromatherapy and all magical traditions born at the dawn of the third millennium.

Our products

Il Crogiuolo® is the largest website dedicated to esotericism and occultism in Italy. In our website, you will find a huge selection of items belonging to different religions and esoteric traditions from different countries of the world. We import directly from Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

In our store, you will find products from esoteric voodoo such as Sahumerios, aceites, Extractos, Velon…, esoteric Umbandas’ tradition such as pembas, fluids, defumadores, 7 days candles, ritual practices, statues Orixàs, Exus, Pomba Giras… planetary items such as planetary incenseas, planetary candles… and many other products.

The novelty does not end here! Our catalog is in continuous and constant updating, offering a completely new section dedicated to holistic disciplines in which you can find: essences and natural extracts, massage products for professional yoga, moxa mugwort cigars, stones and crystal, Himalayan salts and crystals, biotensor, smudges and much more.

Our shop as well as providing thousands of unique and tested products, offers retailer, shop, operators, study Tarot and private clients interesting prices that meet all your needs.

Our services

Il Crogiuolo® offers its customers customized and of great effect catalogs to present our products; a course on video and DVD, handouts and monographs explaining Afro Brazilian religion for both novices and experts.

We remind that all the products of Il Crogiuolo® are accompanied by rich and comprehensive explanations.
The staff of Il Crogiuolo® is also always available to you for clarifications and explanations.
These services that we offered to you and that you can offer to your customers are synonymous of high professionalism and respect for esoteric traditions yet to be discovered.


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