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The so-called ritual practices are nothing but acts of faith, prayers as it is sometimes referred to by the same people that run for years. In this sense anyone can try their hand in the execution of a ritual practice, without prejudice that the same , maybe coming from a different cultural and religious tradition from their not raise some sort of doubt or a refusal on a spiritual level. In this case our most dispassionate advice is to avoid engage in any kind of esoteric practice. Naturally remains valid the speech before running a practice it is good to learn and gather information about the type of ritualistic that there is going to perform .

First of all : what is an esoteric product? It would be more correct talk about esoteric use of certain features . Many elements used in esotericism are nothing but herbs , extracts , candles … their use is chosen based on a cabal symbolic precise in a symphony of affinity for centuries forms what in common parlance is called ritual . The herbs work? Yes. The candles light ?Yes. The extracts are fragrant? Sometimes. They work in magic? The short answer plausible , since the spiritual universe of a field related to the Faith , is to that being employed for years , if not in some cases for centuries , a reason for them to be used exists . If this motivation can be demonstrated scientifically , the answer is negative . Nothing that is tied to the spirit can be demonstrated scientifically , no religion and no spiritual thought can be gutted by the scalpel of science .

It depends. According to some spiritual currents moon phase is a diktat to which you can not escape. According to others it is irrelevant. To understand this concept, to use an example: if I decide to go and buy bread Sundays mistake? It depends. If I go to the mall I’ll find it open, but if you opt for the neighborhood store will likely be closed. Everything, then, depends on the type of the tradition to which reference is made .

In esotericism as is handed down, the only a ritualistic way to monitor is via a divination . Like it or not this is the only possibility. No one can guarantee a priori timing of the results of esoteric or spiritual practice. The same concept we find in prayer at all religious currents . No priest can assure the faithful the fulfillment of a prayer at specific times .

There are practical stronger , if anything there practices relevant to a purpose specific. Besides dealing a ritual practice of a religious act much it depends on the type spiritual formation of making the change. We admit that I follow the tradition as Umbanda , since it is evident that the Umbanda of my religion I will turn increasingly to the entities which implement in this spirituality . Who is Catholic , to make clear the idea , if not hardly feel listened by Anthony will address different traditions that do not feel close and he does not know . An esoteric practice expensive is not necessarily the strongest ever. Normally the cost of an esoteric practice is related to that of the elements that compose it.

There was a consensus, in esotericism, that spiritual purification is highly recommended before using any media on an esoteric level, to deliver them from this vibration accumulated path preceding the purchase of the same. In this case a DEFUMAZIONE resin or an unction would have the order to make clear the object on a spiritual level. Consecration is the act itself, instead of making sacred or make a sacred object on a spiritual level for a particular use religious / magical, this process becomes required when you make a particular act support to play an esoteric. By contrast there are symbols that over time they acquire a significance that you think does not require any consecration, because the object is that if for << >> has accumulated over the years such a value that at a symbolic level as not to require any kind of practice able to steer the symbolism and value. A traditional example could be the star David for the Jews or the cross for Christians.

Silver is a very ductile and malleable metal monovalent, just harder of ‘ gold, with a metallic luster white is accentuated by polishing . Silver is stable in pure air and pure water, but darkens when exposed to ‘ ozone , to ‘ or air containing hydrogen sulfide traces of sulfur compounds . This shows a silver medal for a speech darkens chemical, and absolutely not magical. No negativity to darken the silver but the very nature of this metal. You can use the cleaning of the object through products commonly deployed in the homeware stores or centers Business. A method used with excellent result is brushing with baking object for food.

Not sell either distribute or edible products for use orally. All items distributed and marketed by Il Crogiuolo® They are for mere investment esoteric .sono da intendersi per mero impiego esoterico.

A candle goes out for a variety of reasons , it is not possible for us establish a priori if the flame of a candle is extinguished by a current of air sudden ( for example, the draft of a door or a breath capricious coming from the window ) or for other reasons. While a traditional level the flame of a candle , its combustion and his casting are interpreted at divination ( licnomanzia ) is equally reasonable that the extinction of a flame can occur for reasons not necessarily paranormal . Always we invite combine critical to spirituality .

The candles sold in supermarkets are in most cases prepared with synthetic materials therefore they do not match the needs of esotericism which recommends natural materials and not synthetic . This discourse is especially valuable in high magic . In the common practice and devotional traditions << poor >> such as the Umbanda , the Voodoo, the Quimbanda (just to cite one example ) can be used candles common ( paraffin-based ) , maybe dressed with an appropriate oil .


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