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PENSA POSITIVO – Manuale per vivere meglio dopo il 21 Dicembre 2012

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SUBTITLE: Manuale per vivere meglio dopo il 21 dicembre 2012
AUTHOR: Erika Pesce, Floriterapeuta, Esperta MCA, Counselor Indaco, Docente

PAGINE: 144 pagES
DIMENSION: cm. 15×21

“Think positive” is proposed as an easy manual to approach a new vision of life, of the world and of humanity starting from the information material, from the testimonies and prophecies that have appeared on the public scene over the centuries on December 21, 2012 , a date indicated by the Mayan calendar as the end of a cycle and interpreted by many as the “end of the world”.
In this sliding reading volume, the author aims to provide an overview of the different theories elaborated by societies, cultures, currents of thought and entities regarding this fateful goal. A valuable tool for those who, for the first time, approach this topic made even more burning by the deep interest that the mass media have shown for the topic, in particular approaching precisely the winter solstice of 2012.
Alongside these more informative sections, the author inserts interventions derived from her experience in the field of psychology, Reiki art and reading the Aura and strengthened by expert, professional and authoritative contributions, to change her vision of life and humanity by moving towards positive thinking.
All sources now identify December 21, 2012 not as the material end of the planet Earth, but as the beginning of a new era, of a change that, starting from the interiority of each individual human being, will come to touch all the expressions of the social, economic and community life. A “new world” of consciousness and awareness, of which each of us is an advocate. By reading “Think positive”, it is therefore possible to take a cue to transform your interiority and your approach to ourselves and to others, changing our lifestyle to harmonize it with the planet that we have neglected and denied for too long .

Language: Italian


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