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In English, Golden Dawn literally means “Golden Dawn”: according to magicians and alchemists it is the moment when the Sun of true wisdom is born to dispel the darkness of ignorance, announcing the glorious rise of the new personality of the Adept. It was with full awareness of what the British hermeticists of the late nineteenth century chose to meet under the symbolic name of “Golden Dawn” and were given the opportunity to run the most exhilarating of intellectual adventures: blowing on the embers still alive with magical wisdom, buried under the ashes of the centuries, to make the fire of a forgotten doctrine flare up again. Their sources were vast and diverse, but thanks to the extraordinary synthesis of those Victorian scholars, and the enthusiasm of their leader, Samuel Lyddell MacGregor Mathers, what resulted was a doctrinaire system that was not only coherent, but above all effective for the cultivation of the true ego, which is the authentic goal of authentic magic.

The scholars of the Golden Dawn organized an admirable architecture to dispense their knowledge, that is, they actually gave their Order the structure of a university college. Real faculties were set up, each with its own Dean, to impart the different teachings: Symbolism, Kabbalah, Clairvoyance, Ceremonial Magic, Pink + Cross Doctrines, and so on.And a precise cursus studiorum was established, organized on cycles of lessons and periodic exams to verify the learning of the participants. The passing of the exams – written, oral and practical – marked the passage of the disciples from one cycle of studies to another, or their advancement in the degrees of the Order. In the first four volumes of this work – The Magic of the Golden Dawn – edited and organized by Israel Regardie, the bulk of the Order’s teaching material was only partially reproduced. It was therefore essential to add three more to the first four volumes that proposed the missing material, which came to light in the years following the publication of Regardie’s work. It was thus possible to restore the division of the overall course of study into separate groups of coherent subjects, recomposing the original order.

In this way, it will be possible to retrace exactly the cursus studiorum of the Golden Dawn, undergoing the same training of the Adepts of the time, according to the graduality established by the founders of the Order. The first volume contains the doctrinaire documents which belonged to the first five “Faculties” of the Order. After a Premise concerning the admonitions imparted to the Adepts, there are the lessons and extra-curricular teachings concerning: the Magic Symbolism the Kabbalah the Imagination and the Willpower the Astral Projection the Clairvoyance and the “Journey in the planes” the Pink Teachings + Croce The second volume contains the doctrinaire documents which belonged to the second five “Faculties” of the Order, concerning: Man, God and Initiation Hermeticism, Alchemy and Theurgy Divination Tarot Cards Magic Enochian.

In addition, a series of teachings and testimonies on: Witchcraft Spiritism the “fairy world” In the third volume are collected the three fundamental “classics” that the Adepts had to study thoroughly in order to ascend along the ranks of the Order: Sepher Yetzirah Chaldean Oracles Clavicula Tabularum Enochi Each has been translated specifically for this edition from the original texts, and accompanied by copious explanatory notes. In addition, various documentary materials are collected: the precise curriculum of the studies with the list of exams to be passed; the official history and chronology of the Golden Dawni the list of adepts and temples of the Order; the biographies of eminent personalities. Sebastiano Fusco – is an internationally renowned journalist and essayist. His large book production (often under the pseudonym of Jorg Sabellicus) ranges from scientific popularization, magical traditions, alchemy, esotericism and fantastic fiction.


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