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Language: Italian

No book in the history of magic and esotericism was as much criticized as sought after as the Book of San Cipriano commonly known as Ciprianillo. Over the centuries, many people even lost their senses in the effort to search for it, study it, own it and use it. Certain editions reached unreachable prices and the first, even handed down, were copied on human parchment sheets. Publishers, over the years, published several versions, each boasting of being the original … but which of the many? All and none because in reality the Ciprianillo has many faces, many versions, despite all having parts in common. Many versions marketed are incomplete or full of absurd and unworkable procedures. It is said that this trick was adopted to discourage the vulgar from engaging in these practices because the most accredited edition, preserved in Gallizia in a special section in the University Library, is a tome of many pages, but this cannot be had access as it is still closed today in a special case and secured with four large chains and padlocks of which nobody seems to have the keys. The original tome is said to have processes derived from other grimoires. Not all the ingredients present in the text are available in the catalog, since some are of personal availability.



Versione digitale in formato pdf. Al momento dell'acquisto il libro sarà abilitato nella propria pagina personale nella sezione I MIE EBOOK.
Per formato digitale si intende che il testo è visualizzabile solo tramite PC, potrà essere comunque salvato e stampato se in possesso di una stampante.

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