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The magical herbs Occult phytology

The magic of herbs, popularly called Green Magic, is certainly, together with the imitative one, the cornerstone of all magical practice. Each plant traditionally has its own character, its vibration, its message and, of course, its esoteric power. Without plants there would be no magic, in fact there are very few practices that are performed without a plant component. The esoteric botanical panorama is very vast, heterogeneous and its occult phytology rather complex. In this text you will learn about the most important magical plants, their properties attributed by tradition, their secrets and formulas for composing powders, baths, defumations, dyes …

Most of the authors have worked in a magical classification of plants based on their planetary nature, we wanted to go further. Each plant is accompanied by the botanical name, by the popular name, by the planet that holds it, by the Orixà of the Afro-Brazilian tradition to which it is dedicated and with which it works and it is also indicated the day, or days, in which its power is expressed better. Some plants are the preserve of several Orixàs and work with several Saints, this is because a vegetable acts differently according to the intended use. Ogùm and Oxosse willingly exchange plants, they are considered friends; not so Ogùm with Xango. Obbà will never work with plants of Oxùm, but with those of Xangò, Iemanjà and Oxalà yes. The legends about the Orixàs become, as always, explanatory on the use of some plants and so it happens that certain plants are the symbol of a precise mythical event. Hence the sword of St. George (Sanseveria) has been associated with Ogùm and is used to fight enemies and eliminate evil; spicy chilli well summarizes the disturbing and warming action of Exù and is used in its rituals, but at the same time its martial nature is explained and how it can also be used in sympathetic magic.



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