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Jamaican Obeah Voodoo Rituals

The Obeah is one of the greatest secrets of the Voodoo tradition. Its meaning is: art to reduce the spirits to obey and differs from the common rituals as strongly imprinted on witchcraft. Highly practiced in the Caribbean and especially in Trinidad and Jamaica in the Obeah is an ancient cult, which has its origins in Africa, among the Ashanti people. Some branches of this tradition, Moses is the archetype of the Great Sorcerer, the Bokor, armed with that magic stick and allows special seals, when properly invoked, to triumph in any field of magic. Moses is the syncretism Voodoo Damballah Pethrò, one of the most powerful entity of the cult. Obeah Rituals are exclusive of The Crogiuolo® as the genuine products that compose them. Each Obeah ritual is complete in all material needed in addition to detailed esoteric traditional instruction.

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