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SKU: PBE 000


Each set includes packaging ragalo with detailed information sheet inside and satin bag.
Stones of Good Luck, dispensers of good fortune, include: moonstone, black tourmaline, turquoise (howlite), aventurine, tiger eye.
The Stones of Creativity, to enhance creativity and make it come alive, include: turquoise (howlite), yellow calcite, carnelian, yellow agate, amazonite.

Stones Aura, protectors of your Aura, include: amethyst, black onyx, fluorite green, labradorite, rock crystal.

Stones of Friendship, bearers of good friendship, include: turquoise (howlite), unakite, hematite, red jasper, aventurine green.

The Stones of Wealth, dispensers of wealth include: Aventurine green, garnet, moss agate, tiger eye, jade.

The Stones of Power, dispensing their own personal power, include: amethyst, fluorite, lapis lazuli, yellow jasper, rock crystal.

Stones esteem, dispensers of good self-esteem, include: rock crystal, rose quartz, hematite, rutile quartz, tiger eye.

The Stones of protection, dispensers of protection include: amethyst, agate, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, red jasper.

Stones Feng Shui, dispensers of harmony and positivity, include: obsidian black, turquoise (howlite), Aventurine, amethyst, red jasper, rose quartz, rock quartz, agate.

Stones of Relax, dispensers of peace and tranquility, include: amethyst, moonstone, rock crystal, rose quartz, smoky quartz.


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