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The calming Balsam is an oil that is used in the Voodoo magic and in the “Santeria”, to calm, to make peace again, to soften and to rule a person so that he/she will not damage and attack us. It is used when you grease figurative candles, in the preparation of magic lamps ( see the book THE SECRET OF THE ALCHIMIST), on pictures and during the ritualistic. If poured in a diffuser of essences it propitiates the environment to harmony, peace and serenity. By tracing with is oil a cross on the head of the bed of your child you will secure peaceful dreams and serenity.. The tradition claims that by oiling your front head with the calming balsam you will gain tranquillity and peace. This would be useful for nervous people, or to students while they are under stress for a written or oral exam. In spell magic it is mixed with the Bend Over oil ( to dominate in a determined way and to ify the will) or to dominating powders such as As you Please. It is also used to tame violent husbands and partners.


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