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A key to change your destiny. Attached the 22 major arcana of the blades. The ancient Tarot Book, whose existence is mostly denied by historians, but assumed by many initiated and philosophers, contains clear and effective guidelines for the true researcher you cover the road that may induce him to regain its spiritual nature. A via symbolic and extraordinarily linear that is able to carry out anybody, gradually and systematically and infallible, in front of the yearned for the Holy Grail, the mythical Cup that contains answers to the eternal human questions: who are they? Where did I come from? Where do I go? Every Arcane, in his disvelarsi through a theoretical-practical methodology proposed by the author, abandons the enigmatic silence envelops him to let know of one who observes. In a suggestive procession, and with pride hieratic at the same time of who owns the secret, one after another the Tarot will arise in walk alongside the reader to guide him to the discovery of Sang Real Spiritual, that Blood is able to wash and purify the known Sin origins which is the basis of human death and loss of Eden primordial. Shall be annexed to the text relating to the 22 major arcana blades designed by Oswald Wirth to whom is attributed the merit of having returned to the ancient book of Enoch its original meaning; through these cards the author will explore esoteric alchemical meanings,, Cabalistic, mythological, religious and esoteric contained in this fascinating symbolism, for advancing then between you distort valences dowsing attributed to Tarot of which will show the erroneous and misleading interpretations which have been made subject to date. According to this seductive and shocking perspective the Tarot does not predict the future but, if anything, can tell us how to become architects of our destiny by changing our life consciously and according to our real needs.


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