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ST. FLORIAN STATUE – 12cm resin hand painted

SKU: STA 1420


St. Florian was a veteran of the Roman army who lived in Mantem at Krems . Having learned that Aquilino , president of Noricum Ripense , during the persecution of Diocletian, was arrested in Lorch forty Christians , wanting to share the fate he went to that city. Before entering, however , came across some soldiers , who revealed himself to be a Christian and was therefore arrested and taken to the headmaster , who failing to do so sacrifice to the gods , scourged and then condemned him to be thrown into the river Enns with a stone around his neck, the sentence was executed May 4 304. The martyr's body was subsequently found and buried by a certain Valeria. In Dominican Vudu becomes Atacuà Balenyò and is considered the prince of Oguns in haitian vodou is sometimes associated to Ogun Demanyé . In the tradition is considered an androgynous lwà, very kind and very nice, to the point of exercising a captivating charm on both men and women. Its beauty is that it is often invoked by gay men to seduce a person of the same sex , it is believed that even the charm given to this mystery manages to win over even the most ardent heterosexual .


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