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Shungite pendant

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The shungite is a matte black stone, mined in Karelia (north-west of Russia). It takes its name from the place of extraction: the lake or Shunga Onega.
The properties of this black stone have been known for centuries in Russia: Tsar Peter the Great (1672-1725) used it to relieve the aches and pains of old age.
According to its particular structure, the shungite has a number of surprising physical, chemical and bio-energy.

Shield against electromagnetic radiation

One of the main properties of shungite is its potent ability to neutralize any type of radiation. This stone is extremely effective to counter the damage caused by electromagnetic waves emitted by modern electronic devices without wires: wifi, computers, cell phones, cordless phones, etc

There have been experiments bioenergy (at the level of alternative medicine) with a series of stones known for their protective properties and shungite fully demonstrated his great ability to strengthen the energy body, stimulate the circulation of vital energy and repair the damage caused by negative radiation.
Unlike the black tourmaline that is negatively charged and quickly, the shungite not charge negatively ever, thanks to its special molecular characteristics (fullerenes).
Bring a stone shungite in your pocket or wear a pendant you think it is excellent to protect themselves actively during the working days in the office or while traveling: plane, train, car.

level Bioenergetics

Bioenergy research have successfully tested the shungite for several imbalances:
For people always tired
For the days of activities intended
To reinforce the energy system of the sick and to activate their healing abilities
For periods of convalescence, to regain lost strength
To stimulate the immune system, strengthen the body energy in times of epidemics (including influenza) or seasonal changes.

Water Shungite

The water shungite is not only a spa water but can be used every day to keep fit.
The potential physical / chemical properties of shungite give this stone an extraordinary ability to absorb all the impurities in the water, and its properties bioenergy strengthening and protection of human bioenergetic system make this water a precious elixir of life.
Bathrooms with shungite are considered very useful to find the energy and well-being, relieve fatigue, improve circulation. To prepare a bath pebbles of shungite should be placed in a cloth bag and left in the bath for 10 minutes.


La confezione comprende la Boji Maschio (grezzo) e la Boji femmina (liscia).
Sacchettino in organza e informazioni


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