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Plate Talisman of the Seven Mirongas (Brass in silver colour) 120X80

SKU: TAL 679


The offer includes the consecration Kit 


Africa, a continent of mystery, full of magic, the cradle of great civilizations and ancient religions. From the most remote regions of this continent, its rich symbolism and its culture esoteric branch roots of Candomblé afrobrasiliano, of Umbanda, of Quimbanda, of Voodoo and those of all religious denominations in Latin America. The high priests of these religions have transported their initiatory teachings in the New World, keeping their power, strength and wonderful culture. The term comes from the ancient language Mironga Angola and means Secret. This brand new plate reproduces esoteric symbols of the highest value, linked to the seven primordial powers, the seven guards custodians of the forces of creation. According to what is handed to the vibrations of those who rely Mirongas Sete, the heart of Seven Lines of Umbanda, will receive the blessings of this powerful spiritual forces and their protection, their formidable defense. Il Crogiuolo is absolutely the first center to have the exclusive on this stunning engraved plate bearing the symbols of Mirongas, faithfully reproduced in detail and embellished with an aesthetic creation of the first order. Sete Mirongas Plate can be hung in the house, to implore the protection of Seven Orixás, or in the office, to defend themselves from negative attacks, to protect from evil and to receive the blessings bestowed by Orixás. Sete Mirongas plate is available in brass, packed in an elegant box / exhibitor.

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