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La Vecchia Religione
Author: Dragon Rouge
152 pages
Language: Italian

The most complete, clear and explanatory essay ever written on the Religion of the Witches … At the dawn of mankind, in the west as in the east, a nameless religion was born and developed spontaneously … For millennia this primordial cult of nature remained the main form of religiosity practiced by peoples in every corner of the earth … Commonly known as witchcraft, the Old Religion is not really at all as it is described by that popular collective imagination distorted by secular disinformation … Written in a decidedly clear and simple way, for to be understood by anyone, this work aims to explain in a very serene way, what the Old Religion is, highlighting its various aspects from a religious, philosophical and magical point of view. The author, who has been practicing the Old Religion for over a decade, reveals its most current form in Italy according to its personal tradition: the Tradition of Salamanders. A work never seen before and unique in its kind thanks to its refined contents expertly enclosed in an elegant Gothic design specially designed to make it further unforgettable and unparalleled. Among the topics: Its origins – Its evolution: Wicca – The initiation and the initiatory path of the practitioner – The Great Mother or Goddess in its 4 aspects: Diana, Venus, Proserpina, Lilith – The Ancient God with long horns in its 4 aspects: Lucifer, Pan, Mercury, Mars – The pentagram and the pentacle – The witch – Esbat and Sabba – Magic, spells and spells – Rituals and ceremonies – The evocation and invocation – Divination – Sacred space – And much more…

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