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KARNAK RING GOLD 18 KT GR 9.4 mis. 22

SKU: WIC 341


The symbol shown on this beautiful ring was found in the temple of Karnak and is a symbol of connection between the High and Lower Egypt. E 'regarded as an excellent symbol of shielding dowsing.

You should never have to touch your ring to others, even your partner or a loved one. When it puts finger the first time you must follow this procedure: boil for two minutes the ring with some salt in a small pot of water bottle (spring water and then let it dry in the sun for 1 hour. This should be repeated every time someone touches your ring contaminating your energy with your …

Ring Karnak is one of the beloved to dowsing, which is often called the Ring of Atlantis or Ring of the King

The symbols represented in fact, according to tradition, meeting the needs of esoteric formula provides long-established and confirmed by researchers from the likes of Andre de Belizal and Roger de Lafforest. It is not a talisman or a kind of fetish, but rather is considered a small miracle of physics microvibratoria that manifests its power in three specific areas: protection, care and strengthening intuition.

PROTECTION: The Ring or King of Atlantis is regarded as a natural binder, according to the principles of radionics, cosmic energy and enables the dowsing to protect themselves from contamination by inventories and energy with which it comes into contact during the search and the work analysis. Analyze someone or something means "get in resonance with the particular frequency … must therefore guard against energy is not perfectly in tune with their own. Another test used the ring would be to allow the dowsing to extend the time of the research that otherwise could not last for more than an hour. Ring King limited, as handed down fatigue. Many people also recommend it to people who work or are having to route the mind and very tiring for students, especially when they were preparing exams or competitions.


CARE: It is said that the symbols can be resolved simply by bringing the energy dysfunction in a specific ring finger with these instructions: on the respiratory nervous system, vitality and capacity for action bodily functions, bones and skeleton genital tract, urinary and digestive system. Acts on the sympathetic and the parasympathetic circulatory Finally the ring has the ability to increase openness and to allow a more precise intuition.

Num. 22 pari a mm. 19,8


Num. 6 pari a mm. 14,6, Num. 7 pari a mm. 14,9, Num. 8 pari a mm. 15,3, Num. 9 pari a mm. 15,6, Num. 10 pari a mm. 16, Num. 11 pari a mm. 16,2, Num. 12 pari a mm. 16,5, Num. 13 pari a mm. 16,8, Num. 14 pari a mm. 17,2, Num. 15 pari a mm. 17,4, Num. 16 pari a mm. 17,8, Num. 17 pari a mm. 18,1, Num. 18 pari a mm. 18,5, Num. 19 pari a mm. 18,8, Num. 20 pari a mm. 19,2, Num. 21 pari a mm. 19,5, Num. 22 pari a mm. 19,8, Num 23 pari a mm.20, Num. 24 pari a mm. 20.2, Num. 25 pari a mm. 2.06, Num. 26 pari a mm. 2.10, Num. 27 pari a mm. 2.12, Num. 28 pari a mm. 2.15, Num. 29 pari a mm. 2.19, Num. 30 pari a mm. 2.22, Num. 31 pari a mm. 2.25, Num. 32 pari a mm. 2.29, Num. 33 pari a mm. 2.33


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