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I CANTI DI ARADIA – IL VANGELO DELLE STREGHE ITALIANE (The songs of Aradia – The gospel of the Italian witches)



I Canti di Aradia – Il Vangelo delle streghe italiane
Autore: Charles G. Leland
140 pages
Language: Italian

An exceptional historical and esoteric document of a more than secular Italian tradition. This work, originally published in London in 1899, still represents today a rare and precious historical and esoteric document on Italian witchcraft. A text of fundamental importance for any serious scholar, researcher or practitioner of the Old Religion, but also of Wicca.
In fact, it contains what probably were some of the most secret teachings that were so jealously passed down within small congregations during the dark era: the Middle Ages. Orally narrated for centuries, towards the end of the 1800s, a Florentine witch enclosed them in a mysterious manuscript which she then handed over to an American scholar who was in Italy to carry out research on witchcraft and thus was born this book, usually known as the Gospel of the Witches.
In addition to the original text, presented in its integral version, the work also contains The Book of Aradia, written by Dragon Rouge, a short collection of completely unpublished passages entirely dedicated to the history of the Great Priestess of Diana and more precisely: Aradia – Il myth – The history – Of the lost Temple – The disappeared parchments – Congressus cum Aradia (ritual).

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