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For several centuries, sulfur bars have been known for their analgesic effect and used to reduce many pains such as stiff neck, neck pain, tears, bruises, joints etc … Sulfur is essential for detoxifying the body.
The sulfur bar, when it comes into contact with the skin, attracts and captures the accumulation of energy within it, bringing an immediate and effective benefit to the part where the pain is located.
The external application, made by contact and rubbing of the finger only, does not remove the cause of the pain, but gives immediate relief from the first treatment.

Directions for use: Roll the torch on the painful area for 4-5 minutes, applying light pressure and following the blood circulation, then from bottom to top. At the end of the treatment you can pass the torches under the water for about a minute in order to discharge all the negative energy it has absorbed.

The torches are more effective if stored in the freezer, especially in the summer.


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