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Candle of Povo Cor de Rosa – pink



Pink is the colour of sweet feelings, friendship, feminism and feelings. In the Candomblê it is attributed to two powerful Orixa’: Saint Cathrine from Alexandria,the first wife of Xangô e Yemanjá Azili, a manifestation of the lady of the sea, the lagoon. The day of Oba’ is Wednesday, instead the one of Yemanjá Azili is Saturday. If you wish to propitiate an union, a friendship, if you want to find out a betrayal or to rejoin a couple, the use of this candle is of great help, especially joined with talcum powder, and the following defumadores:União, Atração do Amor, Amor. The love rituals that are done with a pink candles are aimed at serious and lasting relations that are aiming at the marriage. With the support of this candle you can have amazing study results, especially before university, in fact Oba’ protects the students and enables them to get better results, boosting concentration and commitment. The powders Segurança, Firmeza e Ben Can Tudo will strengthen your request and the positive results. It is suggested to spray the picture of the student with the powders and to place on top of it the candle.Every day for seven day you need to light a defumador Hei de Vencer o Tira Teima (if the difficulties of the student depend upon his distress) and you also need to pray to Saint Cathrine. Pink candles, with the support of Oba’ , are useful for Chefs, because they will be able to give their best. The package includes: 1 candle Sete dias, , 1 package of defumadores and using instructions. You can assist the candle with the right Po’, exe, fluid, mixtures to enhances the effects.



Fase Lunare





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