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The word boutey derives from the Haitian Creole and formally means bottle. In Haitian vodou, bouteys are bottles, decorated with sequins, ribbons, small vaulted charms and a chromolithographic image of the lwà to which they are dedicated. Inside they contain a series of “strong roots” that are used to retain the energy of the lwà, spices, other secret elements that the houngan and the mambo (the priests of the cult) insert to transform the object into a real receptacle spirituality of the entity. After a long ceremony of consecration by the priests, carried out in order to recall the lwa inside the bottle, they are filled with the liquor corresponding to the entity and used to invoke the entity and evoke its immense power.
The possession of a boutey is a sacred act of devotion, which should not be taken lightly. If, on the one hand, in the vodou religion one has the entity on one’s side, it is nevertheless true that this will then be cultured with devotion and faith, as well as respect.
The Bouteys distributed by IL CROGIUOLO® are original, completely handmade and ritually consecrated according to the Haitian tradition, by a houngan asogwe (high priestly degree of Haitian vodou) of trust and legitimated for this type of sacrament. Each Boutey is different from the other and is prepared exclusively for the future owner and his data. The preparation of the same takes two weeks, due to the ritual process necessary for the consecration. Once the Boutey has been received, the owner will have to perform a simple customization practice to seal the link with the entity which is explained in detail in the text that accompanies the bottle.


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