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ATABAQUES – 443 pages



Language: Italian

After many years of research, IL CROGIUOLO® in collaboration with the greatest Brazilian Pai do Santo and the best Shamans, Santeros and Voodoo priests, presents ATABAQUES®, THE DRUM OF THE GODS, in the European Exclusive. This magnificent text is one of a kind, because it deals with Magic, evolution and transformation from the most remote times to the present day, seen not only as a simple practice to solve momentary problems, but as a model of life, knowledge, to evolve and evolve to a wider understanding, in relation to the nature of things and the phenomena that surround us. ATABAQUES® will lead us through the knowledge of the Orixás, in the world of Mae and Pai do Santo who have dedicated their lives to the search for truth and live Magic as a profound and sincere search for themselves, so as to help others to evolve and improve their life quality. This text will lead you to have an in-depth and unique vision of the World of Magic. It is a fundamental tool for Operators, because it offers the right words, places and gestures in pills to make rituals work perfectly, learning the secrets of tradition. The school of destiny, a real course to learn how to best use the Tarot, the Sibyls, the Runes, the I Ching, the Crystallomancy … Meanings, correspondences, divination techniques to obtain perfect consultations and to offer more and more services to your customers. The words of the Gods, the prayers, the pontos cantados and the mantras of power: all of you know when prayers and invocations are fundamental for the success of any Ritual! Not to mention the miraculous effects of some prayers and some secret mantras, which you can only find on Atabaques! Complete with explanations to make the most of their extraordinary power. The Signs of the Gods, talismans, pentacles, pontos rescados, and more to concentrate Cosmic, angelic, divine energies, to dissolve evil spells, to attract luck and well-being, to attract love and passion, to win every situation and in every difficult moment in life. Alpha, meditation practices to find well-being, to get in touch with the forces that govern the universe … Atabaques with a clear and linear language is a real tool of work and spiritual elevation, a great esoteric work in able to satisfy every need of those who have made occultism not only a profession but an inner journey.



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