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Talismans: ABATE JULIO

Julien Ernest Houssay (1844-1912), better known as the Abate Julio was one of the more esoteric of the last century. Mystic and healer, his writings still survive, more than one hundred years after his death and for the value they enclose are among the most well-known in esoteric circles and spiritual. His extraordinary legacy includes prayers, cabalistic formulas, exorcisms, and certificate of value and power of the Psalms. The purpose of his legacy to posterity is to exploit these resources at any time of life and opportunity because they produce psychological well-being, dissipate problems, concerns and obstacles, ward off evil influences and healing from all evil, not to mention the protection provided against malignancy , enemies and disasters are naturali.Famosi its wonderful pentacles, including The Crogiuolo ® offers you the entire collection engraved on silver, embellishing a design of a symbolic value that is lost in the mists of time.

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