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Almanac 2020

Ten years have passed since the publication of the book 21 Divisions.

The Crogiuolo®, after years of research, had managed to bring to Italy the true tradition of Dominican Voodoo, its lwà, its angels, its mysteries. Since then, more and more people have asked us to go deeper into the topic, having found in that ancient tradition, answers not only magical, but a real spiritual journey in which to meet and reflect.

So we decided to dedicate the Almanac 2020 to this wonderful and fascinating spiritual path, in view of the publication of the second volume of 21 Divisions that we are preparing to meet your requests, because it is thanks to you, Friends, to your demonstrations of affection, to your advice, that every day we are increasingly motivated to continue on the path that Il Crogiuolo @ started thirty years ago.

May the lwà of the 21 Divisions spread their wonderful blessings on you and your families and accompany you in this new year that is about to begin bringing joy, abundance, prosperity, health and that little bit of superfluous to your homes more than at times makes you get up in the morning singing, without a reason, simply for joy.

Almanac 2020 Il Crogiuolo® (printed version - in Italian)

The Almanac 2020 Il Crogiuolo® (printed version), available at € 10.00, can be ordered directly online or by phone at 02/


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