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168 pages, 150x210 mm, harcover, blank creamy paper.



Propitiatory rituals of Well-being

Rituals in the esoteric traditions are practices that provide for prayers, special candles, incense and symbolic and mystical elements in analogy with a particular purpose. Each kit contains the ritual of The Crucible esoteric materials needed and detailed instructions on performing traditional to offer the genuineness of a spirituality unique.

During this ritual you can invoke the Great Lord of the line of the cemetery "omulu". This powerful and great energy solves any type of health problem. It can be used for those people...


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The powerful Energy of this Orixa' is invoked during this ritual to solve psycological problems, anxieties, phobia, depressions and all those problems related tolack of psychic balance.


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This ritual is connected with the great spirits of the old brazilian black people, it has the power to solve health problems of any kind of adults (from 15 onwords) It suggested for weak people,...


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Saint Clare in the esoteric and spiritual tradition is invoked to bring clarity. It is popularly called la Señorita. This spiritual practice is called the Cup of Santa Chiara. It is used...


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This ritual avails itself of the energy of the personal Anjo de Guardia (Guardian Angel).It is a specific remedy for any type of Vice or dependency, alchool, smoke, drugs, Psycoremedy etc.


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Rituals are faithfully translated from the tradition to which they belong and within them include the traditional ingredients used to make them. Il Crogiuolo offers them there as genuine curiosity...


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We are pleased to remind our customers that Il Crogiuolo run personalized engraving of each type of seal , pentacle talisman and ensuring fidelity to detail combined with excellent workmanship .

We realize also creations rings Solomonic , Kabbalistic and personalized engravings on request .

The incision can be made ​​on the following metals : 18K gold , 925 silver , copper , brass , aluminum .

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