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The Exus and the Pomba Giras are entities that are within the cultural Quimbanda. Despite their artistic representation mannered not to be confused neither with the demons of the Goetia nor with...




(Code: POL 1020)

Tranca Ruas: famous formula prepared according to the dictates of the entity that bears the same name. It 'a powder that does not simply pass on the Ax by this formidable EXU of Quimbanda, but according to tradition, stands a real barrier against evil. Plot the powder with a sort of line in front of the home, as a barrier. This will prevent, as handed down, the bad and harmful for people to set foot in the house, and stop any kind of negative intervention. It also employs about photography, in association with red candles or candles that represent the entities and figured an incense Exu, the more elements that condense their effect as a powder / liquid Comigo Ninguém Pode, dust Espiritu Congo ... The back of the pack shows a simple prayer to the entity. May also apply to ward off thieves from one place. 


The package contains about 5 grams of product

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All the articles presented within this site is meant as a curiosity magic and folk traditions related to African Americans. The Crucible Grassadonia & C. sas of Diana not boast miraculous properties or paranormal powers, descriptions of the same are calculated according to handed down by the various traditions to which the products belong. It is up to the good judgment evaluation. Each imported item complies with current European regulations concerning the safety and wholesomeness. The consulting services are limited to the sharing of information about the traditional use and do not provide consultations of Tarot, clairvoyance or similar services. The Crucible Diana Grassadonia & C. sas is restricted to import and distribute the material by enriching the traditional products of information about the use.

The magic as such is not susceptible to scientific demonstration.

Read the terms of sale before purchasing. All items in this catalog are intended as an aid to the rites of magic, consequently exclusively propitiatory to ensure success the 'operator.

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We are pleased to remind our customers that Il Crogiuolo run personalized engraving of each type of seal , pentacle talisman and ensuring fidelity to detail combined with excellent workmanship .

We realize also creations rings Solomonic , Kabbalistic and personalized engravings on request .

The incision can be made ​​on the following metals : 18K gold , 925 silver , copper , brass , aluminum .

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