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MIRRORS - Oracle

(Code: ORA 991)

Have you ever thought about how many facets does your character? Do you want to find out what you look like gods of ancient Greece?
Through the Mirrors you will investigate your personality and meet unexpected image of yourself. Guests can wander around, playing, a path from the classical gods, through the levels of the ego, superego and id, it leads to discovering the maps showing your way of being.
Artfully painted by Momo Calascibetta, evoke archetypal figures and make them modern; They will be the tool to share with friends a reflection on how we look to them and they to us.
This is the easiest way to introduce a work that brings together three worlds, that of psychology, the classical and the modern and offering the opportunity to reflect on our personality and on those aspects of our character that otherwise They may remain unexplored.
you can not easily define ourselves, nor do it permanently. Our constantly changing personality with our experiences, when we act on the world, when we react to what happens around us, when we are alone or when we interact with others. These four moments are some of the stopping points and that mirrors will help us to do, along which also meet our faults and learn to know the levels of our psyche.
A part of us, in fact, urges us to follow our desires and our impulses, while another reminds us of the moral and ethical standards imposed by our cultural environment. We constantly mediate between their opposing tensions and, rationally, we try to realize ourselves, as the inaccessible unconscious influences us in a profound way. Mirrors reflect the charm of classical gods, making subjects of Momo Calascibetta cards and different personalities incarnations that, for those who want to play by the rules outlined in the book, will intertwine to outline the aspects of our character.
The nuances of the dell'indole are discounted not only by the mechanism of the game but also by images of the artist who is known for its originality and for its apparent ability to observe modern society. The color choices of Momo and the combination of some elements apparently distant from each other, stimulate introspection and make accessible the mystery which of course comes from the observation of the nature of our intimate. The work, well structured, provides documented knowledge of the ancient myths and psychoanalysis. The images of the cards are not just an effigy of an archetype, but a painting copyright miniature and The game shown in the book, thought-provoking and provides a description of our personality. Becomes a useful tool for reflecting on ourselves on several occasions, find out how we are changed and share with our friends mutual impression of our way of being and appearing.
The authors invite you to specchiarvi in ​​this work and to discover something surprising.

Preface. Greece classic and psychology have met often, just think aFreud and the Oedipus complex, in reference to deities like archetypal patterns in which Jung in his book Psychological Types, retracing the camminodi remarkable personality, engaged in the de? Nition of fral'interiorità relationship and the world, recalls the opposition, proposed by Nietzsche, tral'Apollineo and Dionysian. In particular they have inspired our work two publications of grandesuccesso 80s, Goddesses and Gods in Everyman everywoman in the Jungian psychiatrist Jean Shinoda Bolen. The cards, called Mirrors, want to shape this procedimentogià known and associate, in a game, the gods of ancient Greece to the aspects of the psyche. The deities, illustrated by Momo, re? Ect, in fact, unique personalities, the cards, to which the game will have guided us, reflect aspects delnostro character while the game itself will re? Ect on the way we act in the world and confront with the others. (Raff? Aella Marcaletti)

Publisher: Publisher Vangelista
Authors: Raffaella Marcaletti - Momo Calascibetta
Bilingua edition: Italian / English

Publication Year: 2015
Pages Number: 128

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