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Powder Chama

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It has been extracted from a tropical plant called yamao. This powder is used to call , and this is how it works according to what has been handed down. It is like sending a subliminal message, by working on the psychic level and by creating a continuous eco in the person that you want to attract . It is very useful during the love and attraction rituals, to be used at distance, on a picture or any other support, or by direct contact by making sure that the aimed person is in contact with the powder. Even if certain people affirm that the power of this powder also works on spirits, and they are using it by spreading it in the room while they are doing evoking jobs, it is on the individual that this powder offers the best results, on the live spirit of the person, on his angel, as they love calling him in the esoteric south American traditions. If you want to receive a specific phone call, spread it on the phone , or if you are waiting for a letter you can spray it in your letter box(or with caution on the PC if it regards an e-mail.). If you spread it outside your home together with the Powder "As you please" it makes sure that a person that left home will come back. Another ritual with the same aim but more powerful, is the following one: Write with a pencil the name of the person on a piece of paper taken from a brown bag (the one used for the bread). Oil the four angles of the paper with the domain oil (compelling), spay on each single angle a little bit of powder Chama, and a bit on the person's name. Fold the paper in four, by holding it direct towards you. Put the paper in a bottle of Rum, add the remaining powder, a spoon of honey, mercury, a stick of cinnamon, nine drops of essential oil of sandal and nine drops of essential oil of paciuli. Say in a laud voice, with determination, for three times, the name of the person that you want back, as you were calling him/her. Close the bottle. Tie to the bottle with a green ribbon the Immage of Saint Marta by making three knots and by saying the following pray:"Santa Marta, a te che è stato concesso il potere di dominare il dragone e le bestie feroci, doma e domina (nome), perché ritorni da me. Te lo chiedo con la fede di un’anima disperata che a te si rivolge in questo momento di sofferenza. Fai tornare (nome), affinchè il mio cuore sia legato al suo. Ti offro questo rum e ti accendo questa candela, affinchè la fiamma di questo cero sia guida per il suo cuore”. Light next to the bottle a green candle for seven days (green is the colour of Saint Marta in her ritualistic). The bottle needs to be stored in a dark place. According to what has beed handed down, this job obtains results within twenty-one days. It is suggested to start this practice with the new moon.

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