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Ritual Pusanga

(Code: RIT 333)

In the Peruvian Amazon it is traditionally prepared a special extract called Pusanga. This mixture comes from a mix of tropical herbs and plants that have the power to attract people to himself and the things that you wish. For this reason the Pusanga has developed an impressive reputation to the point of being called "the love medicine of the Amazon", since love, of course, is the thing that most people yearn.

Consisting of flowers and herbs that have always been considered Attraction plants and desire the secret of Pusanga however lies in its preparation. Beyond its ingredients, kept secret even generation after generation, the basis of this liquid water is particularly called "agua de fault." The agua de fault consists in the residue of rain water in the forest that accumulate in specific natural pools of clay. These pools become the meeting point of all the animals of the forest, but also of the various human settlements. The strange thing is that, and therein lies the mystery, on the banks of these places, people and animals are watered without ever committing aggressions, regardless of species, it is like a truce free zone. These waters are sacred and can also reputed to cure various diseases. To date scientists and researchers there are studying the composition but could not find a full explanation of the therapeutic properties can not be attributed solely, according to the scholars, to the ground.

Javier Aravelo, chamanes one of the most famous of those places, he says that the Pusanga, once worn as a perfume, has the power to penetrate into the spirit of a person and give it the power to attract love like a magnet. Esoteric after years of research has been able to import this special essence directly from Peru and guarantees the genuineness and authenticity. Beware of any other imitation and sought always the hallmark that will make sure the product authenticity. Our staff has finally translated the complete ritual of Pusanga, as still is performed by chamanes and curanderos use and it offers fully as a true folk treasure, heritage of a tradition that far from being extinct is still living in the Amazon rainforest as one of the most closely guarded secrets. Does not in fact need to be shamans in order to enjoy the power of this mixture, the important thing is to have the right elements and follow to the letter the instructions left by brujos of those places.

According to what has been handed down it may be used Pusanga the Ritual de Amor for different purposes: to return a lover, girlfriend / or seduce a recalcitrant love, soften Spouse / a and make it more loving, reinvigorate a passion but also for the fulfillment of a dream.

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