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This ritual turns to the powerful intercession of Exu Tranca Tudo, an entity of Quimbanda that is invoked to create blocks and to stop a situation or person. This is a unique practice, since it...



Candle of Oxossi green

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The lord of the forest, the great hunter armed with a bow and arrows, winning warrior, Oxossi , is honoured with green candles. This candle is used to be connected with his vibration and gain quick thinking, concentration business success, welth, to calm don envies and to obtain orientation. Oxossi also protects animals and looks aftr alimentation in general, therfore he is the Saint that provides daily food, and his help is useful during diets, to obtail a food balance, or to make an enemy become obese. The green colour in the candomblê is also associated with other Orixás: Iroko, who symbolizestime and Osaìn, the spirit of the herbs.Oxossi's day is on a thursday therefore you need to light the candle on this day. The use of the green candles will be amplified by the defumador of Oxossi. The pray that follows is aimed at Saint Sebastian, the martyre which behind is hidden the african Oxixa'. Itis a pray of great liberation, it frees from enemies and evil The package includes: 1 candle Siete dias, 1 package of defumadores and using instructions. You can assist the candle with the right Po', exe, fluid, mixtures to enhances the effects.

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We are pleased to remind our customers that Il Crogiuolo run personalized engraving of each type of seal , pentacle talisman and ensuring fidelity to detail combined with excellent workmanship .

We realize also creations rings Solomonic , Kabbalistic and personalized engravings on request .

The incision can be made ​​on the following metals : 18K gold , 925 silver , copper , brass , aluminum .

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