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  The orange blossom, known by the name of aromatherapy neroli, are used in esoteric for everything related to the fidelity, conjugal love, marriage and the union. This water is used...



Candle of Xang么 della Pietraia brown

(Code: KIT008)

Xangô, theOrixá of fire and rocks, throgh this candle, breaks any obstacles that can be faced in the realisation of a business. Helps businesses, unblocks still situations, Brakes any obstacles that stops from succeeding.. This is a really amazing candle, because discharges the whole strenght of the Great African Orixa' to guarantee absolute success. This candle helps to find lost things, objects as well as grim, that courage that has grown weaker in life. It lifts from financial crisis, propitiate ferility in the fields, and protects any properties. It is really helpful in economic transactions. It is suggested to use it together with the defumador of Xangô and to light it on a Wednsday. Light a defumador every day and say this powerful pray. The package includes: 1 wax Statue, 1 bras statue holder, 1 package of defumadores and using instructions. You can assist the candle with the right Po', exe, fluid, mixtures to enhances the effects.

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All the articles presented within this site is meant as a curiosity magic and folk traditions related to African Americans. The Crucible Grassadonia & C. sas of Diana not boast miraculous properties or paranormal powers, descriptions of the same are calculated according to handed down by the various traditions to which the products belong. It is up to the good judgment evaluation. Each imported item complies with current European regulations concerning the safety and wholesomeness. The consulting services are limited to the sharing of information about the traditional use and do not provide consultations of Tarot, clairvoyance or similar services. The Crucible Diana Grassadonia & C. sas is restricted to import and distribute the material by enriching the traditional products of information about the use.

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We realize also creations rings Solomonic , Kabbalistic and personalized engravings on request .

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