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925 Silver Ring 13.4 grams of excellent craftsmanship. Shows the engraving of the Archangel Anael.Archangel Anael belongs to the planetary sphere of Venus, and is considered as the Angel of Love...




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Voodoo oils are composed of essences and herbs that have an affinity in the esoteric tradition is a complicated symbol with this name. Are not products or edible or cosmetics. Il Crogiuolo offers them as the original products used to be in traditions, a genuine magic curiosity used in the various countries of origin. Here's what the tradition handed down on its use: Compelling OIL (aka Apremiante) Essence of compulsion. If we were to literally translate the of this oil in English, we would call it Essence of constraints, and it acts in thsi way: Son of Voodoo tradition, this blend of herbs and natural oils is also used in rituals of Santeria and to force a person to bend and persuade him/her to do something, especially if the person has to be blamed for something or committed an injustice.
Even though this oil has been successfully used to impose its will in the busines smatters, it was created primarily as a compelling mixture to compel a person to keep the word and to ask for a favor or money. The story of this recipe is rooted in the sad chapter of the slave trade. The slaves were not protected in any way, there were no unions. Even after the abolition of slavery, in fact many people were at the mercy of their employers, which do not guarantee anything and often did not keep the covenants.
The response to such conduct came from the Voodoo. Compelling was the answer to these ungrateful behavior. Compelling is used (which in Santeria is often called by the name of Spanish Apremiante) also to protect employees from scaffold contracts or to get salary increases, or when you want to improve their job position or not to be subjugated by their superiors.


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All the articles presented within this site is meant as a curiosity magic and folk traditions related to African Americans. The Crucible Grassadonia & C. sas of Diana not boast miraculous properties or paranormal powers, descriptions of the same are calculated according to handed down by the various traditions to which the products belong. It is up to the good judgment evaluation. Each imported item complies with current European regulations concerning the safety and wholesomeness. The consulting services are limited to the sharing of information about the traditional use and do not provide consultations of Tarot, clairvoyance or similar services. The Crucible Diana Grassadonia & C. sas is restricted to import and distribute the material by enriching the traditional products of information about the use.

The magic as such is not susceptible to scientific demonstration.

Read the terms of sale before purchasing. All items in this catalog are intended as an aid to the rites of magic, consequently exclusively propitiatory to ensure success the 'operator.

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We are pleased to remind our customers that Il Crogiuolo run personalized engraving of each type of seal , pentacle talisman and ensuring fidelity to detail combined with excellent workmanship .

We realize also creations rings Solomonic , Kabbalistic and personalized engravings on request .

The incision can be made ​​on the following metals : 18K gold , 925 silver , copper , brass , aluminum .

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