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Scrabble “20 YEARS OF TAROTS”

(Code: LIB 6004)

Scrabble “20 YEARS OF TAROTS”
book by Pietro Alligo, Giordano Berti, Mark Mc Elroy
128 pages – 24x32,5 cm – colour
Board binding edition available in English or Italian 
Code: LS01

Scrabble was founded in 1987, when apparently creative process of making tarots was reaching its end, it lacked in any originality, beauty and experimentation. Scrabble tried to change the course of making tarots keeping always an eye on tradition and symbology

This volume, published on the twentieth Anniversary of Scrabble follows two ways: collect the history of the publishing house and at the same time following the history of tarots, their origin, the evolution and transformations they underwent during centuries

The book analyses the various applications  of Tarots and in particular on what pushes people to study symbology of Arcanes and why they use them has a divinatory tool.

The book also includes themes that have never before been approached like: when is born the first deck of tarot? which is the creative process behind it? which are the most complex problems to face? How much is important link between tradition, symbolism and the world of arts? There is an answer for all these questions and it can be founded here in this book

This is a beautiful, illustrated book made of more than 200 images and full of food for thoughts on history, the art and the magic of Tarots


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