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SKU: GEN 004


Wonderful genesa crystal pendant in steel and brass. Technically, the genesa is an “orgonic system of sacred geometry” … which represents the natural cosmic vital energy of the omnipresent and omnipermanent universe, present in every living being, as well as in anorganic materials … Its structure is based on the basic principles of radionics. Generally speaking, Genesa, according to all those who have experienced it, eliminates negative energy, even cleans them up, in some cases eliminating them, and replaces, in their place, clean and positive energies.

Here is what is normally attributed to genesa:
– Protects against radiation from underground and cosmic waters, supporting and strengthening the immune system, filling the individual energy field (recharging it) and the chakras.
– It eliminates the negative effects of the geo-biological radiations of our houses, in particular those derived from the location of the same.
-It helps to eliminate the harmful effects (negative negatives to use a classic reference term) of the radiations caused by the electrical systems of our houses: wi-fi, TV, microwave, router, 4G, 5G, hairdryer, etc.
– It purifies the atmosphere from the stagnant smog, rich in Dor, purifies the water of our plants, causing heavy metals to decay, also untying limestone making it sweeter in flavor.
-Create a positive environment in the space in which it is placed.


Ottone e acciaio con cristallo di rocca all'interno


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